Monday, 7 October 2013

Spring Break Satisfaction

Satisfaction. This week has been a truly satisfying week for me. As I went for a little browse in Brisbane I stumbled across these stunning beauties. It then did not end as a 'browsing day'. Who am I kidding... it was never a browsing day. I always end up coming home with something new. These two accessories may not be what every guy is wearing in the 21st century and may look a little strange, but in my eyes I am trying to push the boundaries in my outfits. When I meet new people, I want them to be able to think how original I look and to not say "you look like this person". Now, that may seem quite arrogant or whatever, but honestly I just want to be my own person because I see guys my age in decent clothing, but it just all looks the same. Kind of like uniform. I don't understand why society doesn't have fun with the way they dress because I know I am having a great time.  Anyway, I am extremely excited to introduce you guys to the newest editions in my wardrobe. Please meet my newest babies Oroton (Black) and Marc by Marc Jacobs (Silver) <3. It only took me 5 minutes to be persuaded by them, but I was torn apart on which one I could pull off the best partnered with my clothing. Instead of frying my brain on all the choosing and comparing, I did the easiest thing which was to buy both. 


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