Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Gloomy Atmosphere

Boy London T-shirt, Lee Shorts, Burberry Bag, Bvlgari Necklace, Casio Watch, Vans Socks and Dr Martens Shoes

This week has had the weirdest weather I've ever seen. One minute it will be hot and humid with the sun beaming straight onto the face of the Earth, next minute the temperature will drop and hail stones the size of golf balls will start plummeting down onto your head. Although the weather has had more mood swings then me, it has recently been quite rainy. This is where I got my inspiration for this outfit. The dark gloomy skies remind me a lot of the UK with its unpredictable weather. As you can see I have chosen to wear black and white which represents the grey skies of London and by coincidence, these clothes/accessories were actually by British designers (hint Boy London Tee, Burberry Bag and Dr Martens). 


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