Sunday, 6 July 2014

DIY Projects 101

~ Before ~

 ~ After ~

DIY Project: Revamp a set of side tables

What you need:

- Two relatively large paint brushes
- Two containers to hold paint
- Sand Paper
- (ESP) Easy Surface Prep
- Paint suitable for the surface/material


To paint three side tables white


Step 1 : Depending on the type of surface material, lightly sand the whole object(s) OR if a glossy, slippery finish (like what I have above), pour some ESP into a container. Then paint a coat of it all over the object(s). Leave it until it has dried. This will prepare the paint so that it sticks to the object well.

Step 2: Pour the desired paint into another container. Paint the entire object(s) with one coat of paint. Leave to dry.

Step 3: Lightly sand the surface with sandpaper to flatten any bubbles that may occur once the paint has dried. Wipe excess dust from sanding with cloth.

Step 4: Start painting next coat. Leave to dry. FIN.

To clean tools, refer to instructions on utensils and paints. If none, google is now your bff.


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