Monday, 17 November 2014

A thousand words

Fashion is not just a way of dressing, it is an expression of your personality, emotions and feelings. For me, I don't necessarily receive all my inspiration from magazines and what not, but mostly from the people and living things around me. My personal style is so hard to describe, its basically a mix of current trends, old trends and personal touches. At the moment I am incorporating large sums of black, white and grey into my wardrobe as I am a very simple person, who likes small bold accessories. But then again, considering that my personality is so unpredictable, I do have the odd days where I wear some of the most vibrant colours and the most confusing/interesting patterns in my outfits. I feel that the above artwork, which I have developed, is a visual extract of my personal tastes and inspirations. Since I have no idea how to describe my style, this artwork says a thousand words for me.. 

Artwork: Me
Photography: Myself and Pelayo Diaz


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