Thursday, 8 January 2015

Concrete Jungle

Sunglasses: Saint Laurent
Jacket: Jamie Fame
Shirt: Jamie Fame
Shorts: Lee
Clutch: Oroton
Jewellery: Hermes bracelet, Country Road bracelet
Sandals: Country Road

I remember myself at the age of 12 being a kid full of energy, ready to tear the neighbourhood apart on my two wheeled mean machine, known as my bike with the street gang. We were always on the hunt for secret bike tracks to ride through and always saw the potential in building sky high jumps in between the trees. After a long day out on our bikes, I'd always come home with a new bruise or graze that had a scary, yet hilarious story behind it, which always involved concrete or gravel. I never liked concrete as a kid for these reasons, but now I have a new appreciation for the stark substance. I never realised how unique it actually was until a couple of years ago in art class. I always saw it as a boring, cold and lifeless material that was nothing out of the ordinary as we stepped foot on it everyday. But now, it is one of my favourite materials that inspires me and the majority of my work. I just love the sleekness and how the imperfections from the wear-and-tear left by humanity creates meaning.

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