Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Creams & Rusted Metals

Jacket: Jamie Fame
T-Shirt: Jamie Fame
Shorts: Zara
Jewellery: Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Country Road bracelet
Bag: Givenchy
Shoes: Nike

I just bought the coolest cream denim jacket from Jamie Fame a week ago and of course I have been madly trying to figure out how to wear it. I was in a very creamy mood the other day so I thought that why not try cream head to toe? Ok well it's not quite 100% cream as, 1. I had no cream tees or shoes and 2. My Givenchy is tan and I couldn't not wear it. But in replacement of these missing items, I stuck to the monochromatic palette of grey, white and black. To be honest I didn't actually look in the mirror before I left the house.. I simply crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, which is sometimes healthy every now and then. The mind needs a break from all of the decision making of an outfit. And if you have trust in yourself, the outcome can be positively surprising... just try it.

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