Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Military Form

Sunglasses: Saint Laurent
T-Shirt: Bassike
Shorts: Bassike
Bag: Acne Studios
Jewellery: Country road bracelet
Sandals: Kenzo 

In all honesty, I am the complete opposite of someone you would find in the military. I  have never thought about joining and most likely never will… this doesn't mean that I can't dress like one. It may not be the head to toe camo jumpsuit that you may be use to, but this is close enough, right? I stumbled across this low v-neck tee in one of my fave boutiques here called Alterior Motif. They had a monster sale a couple weeks back and there was no chance at all I was letting this one slip past my fingertips. I usually wear a lot of crew neck tees, and so for me this was quite unusual and uncomfortable to wear at first… but the more I stood in the mirror, the more I began to appreciate the craftsmanship. Bassike never fails to produce the goods...

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